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去過好多次沖繩影婚紗相, 每次都有新驚喜, 天氣唔係太理想又多規矩, 不過成日都講, 資源有限創意無限,沖繩有好多大自然環境可以影, 所以早上特別喜愛到沙灘拍攝, 喺日本好多地方夜景並不可取, 唯獨沖繩美國村, 令我愛不釋手

I have been to Okinawa's wedding photos many times, every time I have new surprises, the weather is not too ideal and many rules, but I always say that the resources are limited and the creativity is unlimited. Okinawa has many natural environments to shadow, so I especially like it in the morning. Shooting on the beach, night views in many places in Japan are undesirable. Only Okinawa American Village makes me adore it

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